Our Mission

LS4 King was founded to design and manufacturer affordable product solutions for enthusiasts and builders alike. Having identified a serious lack of LS4 specific performance parts, we work tirelessly to develop the components needed to achieve your hot rodding goals. With a strong emphasis on domestic production, you can rest assured that each component was built to exacting tolerances with only the best materials. 

Sales & Order Processing

In a world of automated sales strategies, you may be surprised that we do not offer a virtual store. While we do have extensive product listings rich with technical information, LS4 King does not offer self checkout. Given the very specific nature of our products, we have elected to work with each customer individually. This method of customer service allows us to better understand your goals and expectations while also providing a more personalized experience. While you may not receive the instant gratification found elsewhere, your patience will be rewarded with world class technical advice and top tier products.

Custom Order Fulfillment

Many of our catalog offerings are custom built or alternatively accumulated in small manufacturing batches. LS4 King strives to keep customers up to date with the most accurate ETA. Lead time can be extensive during different seasons of high demand so please try to plan accordingly.  

A Note from Brandon

I consider myself extremely lucky to work with some of the most renowned manufacturers in this industry. Unfortunately these relationships and collaborations can make my operation seem much larger than it actually is. The fact of the matter is that I am only one person. I handle every aspect of this business from in-depth fabrication to simple shipping & receiving. When I am not processing orders you may even find me cleaning the toilets. While I would like to think I do a good job of making myself accessible, I am certainly not perfect. Please do not take it personally if I miss a phone call or take a little time to respond. I absolutely value your patronage and I am sincerely looking forward to hearing about your project.  

About the King

I was 12 years old in 1999 when Chevrolet began to circulate the literature of the redesign for the Monte Carlo. My Grandfather had obtained a poster showing the highlights of the new Super Sport and proudly displayed it in the office of his used car dealership. That poster started a love affair that I have been unable to shake for over 20 years. From the moment I laid eyes on that car I knew that I had to have one.

The 2000-2005 Monte Carlo has been a pillar of my automotive career. From my roots in car audio and mobile electronics to my most recent endeavors with high horsepower and extensive fabrication; the Monte Carlo has provided me with a canvas to hone my skills. I have strived to learn and apply something new on every single model I have owned, and as a result I have created some of the most unique and well performing examples of this generation of vehicle.

My desire to have the quickest and fastest 6th Generation Monte Carlo, paired with my years of experience with the LS family of engines has made the LS4 my natural power plant of choice. I have continuously pushed this engine harder than anyone in the industry, resetting all of the records along the way.

As the LS4 gains popularity and finds its way into various platforms, I look forward to the opportunity of working with other industry pioneers to bring new products and solutions to market. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts as we continue to raise the bar. Thank you for allowing the LS4 King to help you reach your goals.