The FWD Challenge: Rules for 2020

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In an effort to make this challenge as accessible as possible to enthusiasts across the country, I have been very liberal with the rules. Being restricted to “Front Wheel Drive” really levels the playing field and is most certain to produce some interesting competition. Unlike many forms of drag racing where the most well funded program prevails, I expect creativity and innovation to steal the stage this time around. While it is not required, I encourage all of our competitors to share their builds and progress in our Facebook group titled The FWD Challenge. I look forward to watching your success.

Brandon Furches

— Racing Format —

The Front Wheel Drive Challenge is a 1/4 mile drag race against the clock. The racer with the quickest ET on December 25th of 2020 will win the cash prize.

—Vehicle Configuration —


All competitors must use the production LS4 5.3l FWD aluminum engine block as the foundation of the build. No other engine block may be substituted (this statement includes all other production LS engines as well). There is no restriction on displacement, rotating assembly, cylinder heads, valve train components or induction system.


There is no restriction on transmission or transaxle type as long as it exclusively drives the front wheels. AWD units and or the use of a transfer case is prohibited.


Full tube chassis builds are prohibited. Competitors may use any production chassis as long as the floor and factory firewall are intact. No restrictions on suspension type, design or mounting points. No restriction on weight. Tube style front end forward of the OEM firewall is permitted. The rear wheels can not be attached to any type of mechanical drive.

Power Adder:

There is no restriction on the size, type or quantity of power adders used.


There is no restriction on tires size or type.


There is no restriction on fuel.

— To Submit your Entry —

Competitors may submit as many time slips as they wish from NHRA and/or IHRA sanctioned tracks starting January 1, 2020 until December 25, 2020. Each time slip must be accompanied by video evidence of the submitted run in order to be placed on the rolling score board. Video ET & MPH must match the submitted time slip. To submit your entries, please complete the Racer Entry Form and attach the required photos and video link.

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The FWD Challenge