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One of the many quirks found when attempting to modify the LS4 relates to the oil pressure sensor location.

Due to packaging and accessory drive constraints in stock form, the intake manifold faces the bell housing which is backwards when compared to all the other LS applications. To accommodate this orientation you will find a relief molded into the manifold near the throat of the intake for the oil pressure sending unit. This relief allows the manifold to be bolted in place without interference however it also creates a major restriction for incoming air which significantly reduces horsepower. 

While this fitment is great for OE drivetrain configurations, it severely limits the enthusiasts available manifold upgrade options. Virtually every other intake on the market will contact the oil pressure stand when mounted reverse as is required with most LS4 applications. Changing intake manifolds on the LS4 typically requires running a flat or modified OE replacement valley cover and the relocation of the oil pressure sensor.

Recognizing the need for a readily available solution for relocating the oil pressure sensor, LS4 King is proud to introduce this billet relocation block.

Taking advantage of the unused capped pressure ports located directly above the oil filter housing on the OEM oil pan, LS4 King has developed a billet block which replaces the unused cap. This new block not only facilitates the relocation of the oil pressure sending unit, but it also has two additional NPT ports on the front face which can be used for supplying clean oil pressure to various accessories such as oil accumulators or turbochargers. The billet block is also reversible which allows the oil pressure sensor to be located at either the 12 or 6 o’clock position depending on the users packaging constraints.

Each Billet Relocation Block Kit Features:

  • M16x1.50 Port for GM Oil Pressure Sending Units
  • 1/4 NPT Face Mounted Port
  • 1/8 NPT Face Mounted Port
  • Countersunk Mounting Holes
  • Precision Machined Gasket Surface
  • New Genuine AC Delco Gasket 
  • Stainless Steel M6 Mounting Hardware

Please note:

  • Billet Relocation Blocks will work with factory LS4 oil pans only
  • Oil Pressure Sensor wiring will need to be extended
  • NPT Pipe Plugs will need to be purchased separately if the user does not require additional pressure ports

Check out this technical video for more information:


  • Billet Oil Pressure Sensor Relocation Block Kit — 90.00

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