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Bullseye Power Turbochargers and LS4 King have teamed up to develop a unique turbocharger for the LS4 market.

We’ve developed a unit tailored to the specific requirements and power production of the FWD application. This versatile assembly can easily support 600 to 1000whp with ease. Upgrades are available for ambitious enthusiasts looking to surpass the 1k wheel horsepower mark. 

Starting with the proven Street Billet Series as our foundation, Bullseye worked with us to redesign the compressor wheel, offering the industry’s first 77mm billet wheel. This LS4 King exclusive bridges the gap in mid frame turbocharger sizing of 76-80mm. We have developed a wheel which offers more surface area for increased airflow without negatively impacting the weight of the wheel. When paired with our standard 83×74 turbine wheel and our 1.10 T4 divided exhaust housing, you can expect virtually instant spool on any well executed LS4 hot-side.

Each turbo assembly comes standard with a black powder coated Gen 3 Race Cover featuring a V-Band discharge for leak free connection of the charge pipes. Our exclusive compressor wheels are anodized gold and engraved with the LS4 King crown to ensure authenticity. Every unit is hand assembled and balanced to guarantee proper performance right out of the box.

A note from Brandon:    

Choosing the right turbocharger for your application can be nothing short of intimidating. While we have worked diligently to design an assembly that is tailored to the masses, I understand that turbo technology is not one size fits all. Having been a Bullseye dealer for many years, I would be more than happy to spec an alternative unit if your needs can not be met with this exclusive offering from LS4 King. If you find yourself needing further assistance, please contact me directly at:

Please note:

Alternative turbine wheel and housing options are available for additional cost upon request.

Gen 3 Race Cover is available in hose-end discharge upon request.

Flanges, Clamps, Fittings and etc are sold separately. 

Check out this excellent video for more details:


  • Bullseye Power 77mm Mid Frame Turbocharger – 1,800.00

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