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Moroso has partnered with LS4 King to develop one of the most unique oil pans the LS4 platform has ever seen.

This collaboration has resulted in an assembly packed with features previously unavailable to LS4 enthusiasts. Given the versatility and extensive list of benefits, this product should naturally be at the top of any LS4 builder’s wishlist.   

This fabricated aluminum oil pan looks just as good as it performs. From the precision machined pan rail to the artisan level welds throughout, the time and dedication which goes into each assembly becomes quickly apparent. As we dive past the aesthetics of this automotive jewelry, we are greeted with a massive upgrade in oil control in the form of a diamond shape trap door baffle system. This Road Race & Drag Race inspired baffling ensures that the included high-flow pickup tube is submerged in an adequate level even during the most extreme driving conditions. Whether you are accelerating at a blistering speed or throwing your car deep into the corners, you can rest assured that your oil will be exactly where you need it. Unlike the OE assembly, this pan will prevent excessive slosh and aeration of the oil.

Another key feature is the versatility of the oil filter integration. The factory oil pan has the filter housing cast into the pan rail. The OE design limits the enthusiasts ability to run larger filters, external oil coolers or additional pressure outlets without stacking expensive custom adapters. Given the modular design of the Moroso pan, the end user has several options for filtration solutions. Available separately are both billet and remote mount filter adapters which bolt onto the pan in the OE filter location. This design opens builders to the benefits of remote mount oil filtration, inline cooler solutions, or even the option of maintaining a simple neat and compact filter like the factory packaging. Regardless of your combination’s demands, we have options to suit your needs. Each fabricated pan also features an integrated  -10AN female bung which can be used as an oil-return port for turbocharged applications. Alternatively some users have utilized this bung as a return location for their external oil coolers as well. 

One of the most unique features of this oil pan collaboration is the integrated billet starter pad. The LS4 was produced with no mounting provision for an engine-mounted starter. Unlike the traditional RWD LS engines, the starter for the LS4 was mounted on the bell housing of the anemic 4T65E. Prior to the development of this oil pan, LS4 enthusiasts were stuck using the OEM transaxle as no other option for starter relocation had exist.  Available separately, users of this pan may now purchase a billet index block and high torque mini starter to facilitate the various transmission swaps.

A note from Brandon:

This collaborative project is the result of countless revisions and testing. Each one of these pans is subject to an immense degree of machining and quality control to ensure exacting tolerances.  Given the nature of production, these oil pans are built in small quantities and often times sell out weeks before delivery. As demand increases, we are working to match the interest with larger purchase quantities, but please be aware lead times can be extensive at times.   

Please note:

The Moroso Oil Pan includes a replacement high-flow pickup tube with a threaded main cap stand to accommodate the tube’s mounting tab. Also included is a new O-Ring for the pickup tube.

Oil Filter Adapters and Starter with Billet Index Block are NOT included but available separately. Photos included on this page are for representation of a complete package only. 

Oil Pan & Starter Combination require a LS4 specific flexplate or flywheel. Will NOT work with the larger RWD LSx flexplate or flywheel.  

Additional parts are required to facilitate transmission conversions. 

Check out this excellent video for more details:


  • Moroso Fabricated Aluminum LS4 Oil Pan – 1,099.00 base price
  • Billet Filter Adapter for OE Location (PF48E Filter) – adds 100.00
  • Billet Index Block & CVR High Torque Mini Starter – adds 300.00

Given the extensive filtration and plumbing options, it is impossible to list pricing for all configurations. If you need assistance in choosing a combination outside of what is listed above, please contact us to discuss your options.

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